Episode 1 - Transformers Jazz

In our first episode ever of Starformers, we thought we would discuss one of the jazziest of all Transformer Characters, the one and only Autobot: JAZZ.  We discuss the differences between each iteration spanning from the Generation 1 depiction, all the way to Power of the Primes toy series.


Not only do we discuss our personal taste in the different depictions of Jazz, we also discuss the lineage of how he was introduced and phased out amongst the cartoon and the movies!


Please feel free to leave us your feedback on what your thoughts are on Jazz!  Was he the coolest character on Cybertron, or was he a dud and you loved it when he was torn in two by Megatron?!  


So sit down, buckle up, throw on your headphones and check out this super fun episode!  And the cool thing is, if your parents ask you what you are listening to, just tell them, "I'm listening to some JAZZ!"  They'll think you're on the fast track to becoming the next Beethoven!!!


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